We create objects that stem from our concern for the painful social realities around us and a love for color, eclectic illustrations and visual storytelling. Every piece and every design is brought to life through their stories. We want to take you on that journey with us. ZILZAL is for all those who care about the social issues that surround us. ZILZAL is for all those who value meaningful art while not feeling like they are a walking billboard.


We address social issues based on our individual experiences as women born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. Many taboos surround the personal lives of women in the Middle East which we try to highlight through subtle and effective art objects. Gender and sexual equality are important to us and at the center of what we do. We try to produce all of our creations in the most sustainable way possible to reduce our environmental impact because climate change is real.


Our brand is all about inclusivity. All of our clothing is unisex and comes in a wide range of sizes because no body type should be compromised. ZILZAL is for the young, progressive, socially conscious individual who gives thought to the products they purchase and what they stand for. ZILZAL is for someone who prefers timeless art over the latest trends. 


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